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Al-Hira Masjid has now been re-located to 190 West Irving Park Road, Wood Dale, IL 60191; close to O’Hare Airport. It offers five time prayers, Two Jummah prayers, Taraweeh prayers, Quranic school for children and adults, Youth and women’s programs, Ramadan Iftar program, Dawah, and help for people who are in need. We relocated the Al-Hira Masjid because the old place was bought by the City of Wood Dale. For finishing off the remaining work, we are requesting for your help. Please donate generously to meet the minimum of $400,000 to complete the unfinished jobs. You can help the House of Allah in following ways:

  • One time donation of $5000, $2500 or $1000
  • Buying tax-exempt material for Al-Hira for construction
  • Labor expenses
  • Loan or “Qarz-e-Hasana” for 12-18 months. New building is 100% free and clear. your loan is secured
  • Besides your financial support through above means, please also make a sincere duaa for the completion remaining work on your Al-Hira Masjid.

    Request made by: Board of Directors, Al-Hira Community Center:

    Mohammad Iqbal Chohan: (773) 507-4582
    Mohammad Ahsan Raza: (630) 674-0555
    Younus Mohamed Jamal Hariri: (773) 615-5123

    Friday Prayers (Iqamas)
    1:30 and 2:30
    Please download the latest Prayer Time Table

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    190 West Irving Park Road, Wood Dale, IL 60191